Xena Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add timeout as parameter to PrivContext and add entrypoint_with_timeout decorator to cover the issues with commands which take random time to finish. PrivsepTimeout is raised if timeout is reached.

    Warning: The daemon (the root process) task won’t stop when timeout is reached. That means we’ll have less available threads if the related thread never finishes.

  • PrivContext accepts a new string parameter called logger_name to define the logger we want to use for the daemon logs of this context.

    By default all contexts use oslo_privsep.daemon, but in some cases we may need finer grained log levels, for example nova running in debug mode could log its own privsep calls on INFO level regardless, but leave all libraries’ privsep calls, such as os-brick’s, to be logged in the normal DEBUG level.

    See bug 1922052.