Victoria Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Python 2.7 support has been dropped. The minimum version of Python now supported by oslotest is Python 3.6.

  • The oslotest.functional module, which was deprecated in 2.18.1, has now been removed. This module was overly complicated and had no users.

  • The oslotest.moxstubout module, which was deprecated in 3.5.0, has now been removed. Mox is considered unmaintained and should be replaced by mock.


New Features

  • New class variable, TIMEOUT_SCALING_FACTOR was added that allows modifying a test class to have a longer timeout than other tests in the suite without having to raise the default timeout for all tests.

  • New class variable, DEFAULT_TIMEOUT was added that lets test suite authors override the default value of OS_TEST_TIMEOUT at the test suite level.


New Features

  • Change the API for the CaptureOutput fixture so that tests may enable it explicitly instead of purely relying on the environment variables to control it.


Other Notes

  • Oslotest now contains the mock_fixture module, which offers fixes to the autospec functionality in the mock library.


Upgrade Notes

  • As announced in Nov 2015, the oslotest.mockpatch module got removed now. Please use fixtures.Mock* classes instead.


Deprecation Notes

  • oslotest.functional is deprecated and will be removed with oslotest 3.0.0 .


Other Notes

  • Introduce reno for deployer release notes.