Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Specify the ‘all_tenants=True’ query parameter to get all events for all projects, this is only allowed by admin users.


New Features

  • Add new connection parameters to the Elasticsearch event database configuration to specify a custom index name where to save the events called es_index_name (events will be created under my_index_YYYY-MM-DD if es_index_name is my_index) and es_ssl_enabled to allow SSL connections to Elasticsearch.

  • A new ceilometer to panko publisher is created to avoid ceilometer collector dependency. This streamlines the process of pushing data to Panko

Upgrade Notes

  • In ceilometer.conf, remove panko from event_dispatchers. Add panko:// to the publishers in event_pipeline.yaml

Deprecation Notes

  • The ceilometer to panko dispatcher is now deprecated. The publisher should be used going foward.

  • Panko’s HBase driver is untested and unmaintained. A quick query confirms no one cares about it. Therefore, the Hbase driver is gone and will be removed in the following cycle.