Stein Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • By fixing bug story/2005842 the OSProfiler support works again in the placement WSGI.



The 1.0.0 release of Placement is the first release where the Placement code is hosted in its own repository and managed as its own OpenStack project. Because of this, the majority of changes are not user-facing. There are a small number of new features (including microversion 1.31) and bug fixes, listed below.

A new document, Upgrading from Nova to Placement, has been created. It explains the steps required to upgrade to extracted Placement from Nova and to migrate data from the nova_api database to the placement_database.

New Features

  • Add support for the in_tree query parameter to the GET /allocation_candidates API. It accepts a UUID for a resource provider. If this parameter is provided, the only resource providers returned will be those in the same tree with the given resource provider. The numbered syntax in_tree<N> is also supported. This restricts providers satisfying the Nth granular request group to the tree of the specified provider. This may be redundant with other in_tree<N> values specified in other groups (including the unnumbered group). However, it can be useful in cases where a specific resource (e.g. DISK_GB) needs to come from a specific sharing provider (e.g. shared storage).

    For example, a request for VCPU and VGPU resources from myhost and DISK_GB resources from sharing1 might look like:

  • A configuration setting [placement_database]/sync_on_startup is added which, if set to True, will cause database schema migrations to be called when the placement web application is started. This avoids the need to call placement-manage db sync separately.

    To preserve backwards compatibility and avoid unexpected changes, the default of the setting is False.

  • A new online data migration has been added to populate missing root_provider_id in the resource_providers table. This can be run during the normal placement-manage db online_data_migrations routine. See the Bug#1803925 for more details.

Upgrade Notes

  • An upgrade check was added to the placement-status upgrade check command for incomplete consumers which can be remedied by running the placement-manage db online_data_migrations command.