Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added keystone::bootstrap class.

Upgrade Notes

  • Now that the keystone::endpoint and keystone::roles::admin classes is deprecated and has no effect deployments must define the new keystone::bootstrap class with the proper data that was earlier passed to those classes. Please go through the parameters in keystone::bootstrap carefully and define the class.

  • If you are using a multi-domain setup where you previously relied on keystone::endpoint and/or keystone::roles::admin to create your domains and domain scoped admin accounts the keystone::bootstrap does not do this and you need to ensure this is managed in your deployment using the keystone provider resources.

Deprecation Notes

  • The keystone::endpoint and keystone::roles::admin classes is now deprecated and has no effect. Please read the upgrade notes carefully!


New Features

  • Adds interface parameter to keystone::resource::authtoken allow services to configure the interface to use for the Identity API endpoint. Valid values are “public”, “internal” or “admin”.

Deprecation Notes

  • The service validation in keystone::service is deprecated so the following parameters in keystone::service has no effect anymore, validate, admin_token, admin_endpoint, retries, delay, insecure, cacert.

  • The service validation in ::keystone is deprecated so the following parameters has no effect validate_service, validate_insecure, validate_auth_url and validate_cacert.

  • The user_allow_create, user_allow_update, user_allow_delete, group_allow_create, group_allow_update and group_allow_delete parameters in keystone::ldap_backend is deprecated, has no effect and will be removed in a later release.