Mitaka Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1644699 so we’re able to correctly install murano client package in RedHat platforms.

  • Murano application provider has problem with updating murano package importing, when new version is released. That was because of incorrect handling of ‘exists-action’ option. Now, it has been moved into separate property, that will allow properly handle update if needed.



This is the first Mitaka release for puppet-murano module.

New Features

  • Add ability to deploy Murano CloudFoundry service broker API.

  • Add new options to communicate with Glare API.

  • Use Keystone endpoint with version-less, to use Keystone v3 when available.

  • Support of PyMySQL driver for MySQL backend.

  • Release notes are no longer maintained by hand, we now use the reno tool to manage them.

Upgrade Notes

  • Replace deprecated syncdb command to use migrate for Dashboard database.

Bug Fixes

  • Change default admin_user and admin_tenant_name. To match with other modules change admin_user to murano and admin_tenant_name to service.