Ussuri Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added stream parameter (defaulting to false) to the openstack_extras::repo::redhat::redhat class that if set to true instructs Puppet to create repositories for CentOS Stream.


New Features

  • The new openstack_extras::repo::redhat::redhat::repo_replace parameter has been added to enable or disable file replacement when original repo files are updated.

  • The new repo::redhat::redhat::repo_source_hash parameter has been added, so that repo file can be passed directly to configure yum repogitories on CentOS or RHEL nodes.

  • The new update_package parameter has been added to the openstack_extras::repo::redhat::redhat class. This parameter is set to false by default, but when it is set to true then all packages are updated once dnf/yum repositories are configured.