Xena Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add socket keepalive options for the pymemcache (dogpile.cache) backend.

  • Now the oslo::cache defined resource type installs the pymemcache library when pymemcache backend is used.

  • Add options to configure pymemcache’s HashClient retrying mechanisms (dogpile.cache) backend.

  • Add retrying options for pymemcache (dogpile.cache) backend.


New Features

  • The following parameter and resource type have been added, to support usage of the service token feature with the Barbican key manager.

    • The oslo::key_manager::barbican::send_service_user_token parameter

    • The oslo::key_manager::barbican::service_user resource type

  • The new oslo::cache::package_ensure parameter has been added. This parameter defines status of the backend package used.

  • The oslo::coordination::manage_backend_package parameter has been added.