0.7.X Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A new ‘deep_compare’ parameter has been added to the pacemaker::resource::* classes (defaulting to false). By default pacemaker does not update resources and will keep doing so. This happens for a number of mostly historical reasons (old non HA-NG OSP releases had way too many relationships between pacemaker resources and puppet-triggered restart would cause havoc on the overcloud, also lack of the code for doing this in puppet-pacemaker was a factor). When set to true additional code comparison logic will be triggered and we will actually update pacemaker resources. We do so by modifying an offline CIB with the manifests resources and then running crm_simulate on it in order to determine if pacemaker would trigger a restart of the resource if the CIB was to be pushed for real on to the cluster. We currently cannot use crm_diff due to a bug where it would trigger too many false positives. Using crm_simulate has one small side-effect. Namely, changes in resource operation timeouts normally do not trigger a resource restart and hence they won’t update a resource. Also note that this is currently only supported for resources and bundles (not constraints not stonith resources).


New Features

  • Added the pacemaker::resource::bundle support which supports the creation of ‘pacemaker bundles’ which are special resources to manage containers and resources running inside them. See http://wiki.clusterlabs.org/wiki/Bundle_Walk-Through for additional information.