Yoga Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Now this module supports CentOS 9 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.


New Features

  • The new placement::api::enable_proxy_headers_parsing parameter has been added.

  • The system_scope parameter has been added to the placement::keystone::authtoken class.

  • The placement::keystone::auth class now supports customizing roles assigned to the placement service user.

  • The placement::keystone::auth class now supports defining assignmet of system-scoped roles to the placement service user.

Upgrade Notes

  • The default vhost config file is no longer managed. Make sure the parameters of the apache class are properly defined and the default vhost file is deleted.

  • Default values of the following parameters have been changed, so that the consistent endpoint url is used by default. Also, default values of the placement::keystone::auth::*_url parameters have been updated accordingly.

    • placement::wsgi::api_port: 80 to 8787

    • placement::wsgi::path: /placement to /


Upgrade Notes

  • Default value of the placement::wsgi::apache::ssl parameter will be changed from true to false in a future release. Make sure the parameter is set to the desired value.