Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add new parameter “rpc_response_timeout”, seconds to wait for a response from a call


Deprecation Notes

  • The ‘enable’ option has been removed from sahara, so sahara::notify::enable_notifications will be removed. The ‘level’ option does not exist in the oslo.messaging, so we will remove sahara::notify::notification_level.



Add hooks for external install & svc management.

New Features

  • This adds defined anchor points for external modules to hook into the software install, config and service dependency chain. This allows external modules to manage software installation (virtualenv, containers, etc) and service management (pacemaker) without needing rely on resources that may change or be renamed.


Deprecation Notes

  • sahara::rabbit_host, sahara::rabbit_hosts, sahara::rabbit_password, sahara::rabbit_port, sahara::rabbit_userid and sahara::rabbit_virtual_host are deprecated. sahara::default_transport_url should be used instead.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed documentation for log_dir parameter

Other Notes

  • Parameters that control the number of spawned child processes for distributing processing have had their default value changed from ::processorcount to ::os_workers.

  • The verbose option was marked to be removed in Ocata, in Newton the option was deprecated.