Ocata Series Release Notes

Ocata Series Release Notes


Upgrade Notes

  • Support for OVS-DPDK is being extended for OvS 2.6 while retaining the backward compatibility with OvS 2.5. In OvS 2.5 the DPDK parameters are written as DPDK_OPTIONS to a sysconfig file, while in OvS 2.6 the DPDK parameters are configured as ovsdb entries

  • Parameter ‘memory_channels’ is required for OvS 2.5, while in OvS 2.6 its optional

  • parameter ‘driver_type’ is required only for OvS 2.5. Shall be deprecated when OvS 2.5 support is discontinued


Bug Fixes

  • Updates to service options for ovs when running under Debian jessie to not restart ovs on each puppet run.

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