Rocky Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The rating.get_quotation method of the client has been fixed: the json body has been updated to match the API reference.



python-cloudkittyclient has been completely rewritten in order to be easier to maintain. It is now built with cliff.

New Features

    • Client-side CSV report generation: It is possible for users to generate CSV reports with the new client. There is a default format, but reports may also be configured through a yaml config file. (see documentation)

    • The documentation has been improved. (A few examples on how to use the python library + complete API bindings and CLI reference).

    • It is now possible to use the client without Keystone authentication (this requires that CK’s API is configured to use the noauth auth strategy).

    • Various features are brought by cliff: completion, command output formatting (table, shell, yaml, json…).

    • The ‘python-cloudkittyclient’ module is now compatible with python 2.7 and 3.5 .

    • Integration tests (for ‘openstack rating’ and ‘cloudkitty’) have been added. These should allow to create gate jobs running against a CK devstack.

    • Tests are now ran with stestr instead of testr, which allows a better control over execution.

    • The dependency list has been reduced and upper constraints have been set.

    • Simplification of commands. Most commands are now more http-like: no more ‘list’ and ‘get’ commands, but only ‘get’ with or without a resource ID.