Note de release pour Mitaka


Corrections de bugs

  • [bug 1616105] Only log the response body when the Content-Type header is set to application/json. This avoids logging large binary objects (such as images). Other Content-Type will not be logged. Additional Content-Type strings can be added as required.

  • The X-Service-Token header value is now properly masked, and is displayed as a hash value, in the log.


Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • support for implied roles in v3 API.


Nouvelles fonctionnalités

  • [bug 1479569] With the include_names parameter set to True the names of the role assignments are returned with the entities IDs. (GET /role_assignments?include_names=True)

Notes dépréciées

  • [blueprint deprecate-to-ksa] Several modules related to authentication in keystoneclient have been deprecated in favor of [keystoneauth] These modules include: keystoneclient.session, keystoneclient.adapter, keystoneclient.httpclient, keystoneclient.auth.base, keystoneclient.auth.cli, keystoneclient.auth.conf, keystoneclient.auth.identity.base, and keystoneclient.auth.token_endpoint. Tips for migrating to keystoneauth have been [documented].



keystoneclient.middleware has been removed.

keystoneclient.apiclient has been removed.

Erreurs critiques

  • [bug 1449066] The keystoneclient.middleware module has been removed in favor of the keystonemiddleware library. The aforementioned module has been deprecated since keystoneclient v0.10.0 which was included in the Juno release of OpenStack.

  • [bug 1526651] The keystoneclient.apiclient module has been removed in favor of keystoneclient.exceptions. The aforementioned module has been deprecated since keystoneclient v0.7.1 which was inclued in the Juno release of OpenStack.

Corrections de bugs

  • [bug 1462694] Add support for include_subtree in list_role_assignments.

  • [bug 1526686] Replace textwrap with faster code in cms functions.

  • [bug 1457702] Change default endpoint to public for keystone v3.

  • [bug 1520244] Support truncated flag returned from server.

Autres notes

  • Support v2 parameters for the v3 service create method.