Mitaka Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1616105] Only log the response body when the Content-Type header is set to application/json. This avoids logging large binary objects (such as images). Other Content-Type will not be logged. Additional Content-Type strings can be added as required.

  • The X-Service-Token header value is now properly masked, and is displayed as a hash value, in the log.


New Features

  • support for implied roles in v3 API.


New Features

  • [bug 1479569] With the include_names parameter set to True the names of the role assignments are returned with the entities IDs. (GET /role_assignments?include_names=True)

Deprecation Notes

  • [blueprint deprecate-to-ksa] Several modules related to authentication in keystoneclient have been deprecated in favor of [keystoneauth] These modules include: keystoneclient.session, keystoneclient.adapter, keystoneclient.httpclient, keystoneclient.auth.base, keystoneclient.auth.cli, keystoneclient.auth.conf, keystoneclient.auth.identity.base, and keystoneclient.auth.token_endpoint. Tips for migrating to keystoneauth have been [documented].



keystoneclient.middleware has been removed.

keystoneclient.apiclient has been removed.

Critical Issues

  • [bug 1449066] The keystoneclient.middleware module has been removed in favor of the keystonemiddleware library. The aforementioned module has been deprecated since keystoneclient v0.10.0 which was included in the Juno release of OpenStack.

  • [bug 1526651] The keystoneclient.apiclient module has been removed in favor of keystoneclient.exceptions. The aforementioned module has been deprecated since keystoneclient v0.7.1 which was inclued in the Juno release of OpenStack.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1462694] Add support for include_subtree in list_role_assignments.

  • [bug 1526686] Replace textwrap with faster code in cms functions.

  • [bug 1457702] Change default endpoint to public for keystone v3.

  • [bug 1520244] Support truncated flag returned from server.

Other Notes

  • Support v2 parameters for the v3 service create method.