Stein Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added the new CLI command “execution-get-report” that prints information about the entire workflow execution tree, including its task executions, action executions and nested workflow executions. The command currently has filters “–errors-only” that allows to find only ERROR paths of the execution tree (enabled by default), “–no-errors-only” that allows to print all tree regardless of the elements’ state, “–max-depth” that allows to limit the depth of the tree that needs to be printed. This command should be especially useful for debugging failure situations when it’s not easy to manually track down to the root cause.

  • Add namespace parameter to workbook commands. Namespace parameter allows to create multiple workbooks with same name under different namespaces.

Critical Issues

  • The default behavior of the action-execution-list, execution-list and task-list commands has been changed. Instead of returning the oldest N records (default 100 or –limit specified value) by default, they now return the most recent N records, when no other sort_dir, sort_key or marker values are provided. If the user specifies –oldest or any of the –marker, –sort_key or –sort_dir options, the new behavior is disabled and the commands will work according to the user-supplied options.