Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • CLI command :command:env-templat-create-env now supports --region flag

  • Support for environment model edit API was added

  • New Murano CLI command murano environment-model-show <ID> [--path <PATH>] [--session-id <SESSION_ID>]

  • New Murano CLI command murano environment-model-edit <ID> <FILE> --session-id <SESSION_ID>

  • New OSC command openstack environment model show <ID> [--path <PATH>] [--session-id <SESSION_ID>]

  • New OSC command openstack environment model edit <ID> <FILE> --session-id <SESSION_ID>

  • Ability to load package from directory was added. If specified directory contains all the needed files then package will be imported as usual.

  • The client now is able to consume the updated List Environments API call, which may be used to filter environments by an owner project (tenant).

  • New OSC command package list.

Deprecation Notes

  • Since glare is a separate project now usage of ‘glance’ value for –murano-packages-service has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in P cycle

Bug Fixes

  • It was impossible to use –owned flag when Glare was used to filter packages. This issue is fixed now.

  • It was possible to import the same murano package from the CLI into the same project multiple times if glare was used and the package was imported as a private one. The issue is now fixed.