Rocky Series Release Notes

Rocky Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • The client will now always ask for a JSON format response from the Octavia API. This resolves a client side bug should certain errors be returned by the API.


New Features

  • Adds client support for UDP protocol load balancers.

  • Optional backup argument for member, in loadbalancer member create, and loadbalancer member set.

  • Add the following options “–vip-network-id”, “–vip-subnet-id”, “–vip-qos-policy-id”, “–vip-port-id”, “–provisioning-status”, “–operating-status”, “–provider” to “load balancer list” command.


New Features

  • Adds the “openstack loadbalancer status show” command to display the load balancer status tree in JSON format.

  • Added --timeout-client-data, --timeout-member-connect, --timeout-member-data and --timeout-tcp-inspect options to listener create and listener set commands. Those options control the connection, inactivity and content inspection timeouts on the load balancer.

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