Rocky Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add an administrative command openstack runtime pool show to get the runtime pool information. This command is useful for admin user to check the information such as the current capacity of the runtime, in order to adjust the pool size according to the users’ need.

  • Support --untrusted parameter when creating runtime.

Deprecation Notes

  • The param --code-type of function creation command is deprecated, the actual code type can be deduced by other given params.



Support to specify the resource(memory/cpu) limitation when creating the function.

New Features

  • End user could restrict the resource consumption for the function execution by specifying --cpu and --memory-size when creating the function. Those resource limitation has the default value if not provided, please refer to Qinling documentation for more details.

  • The end user can create job by specifying function version, default value is 0 if it’s not provided.

  • The user can create or update webhook by specifying the function version (--function-version) together with the function.

  • Support resource name in CLI, specifically runtime name in function operations and function name in the operations of other resources like execution, function version, job and webhook.


New Features

  • Support function versioning CLI.