Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added integration of Designate for hostname resolution through dns servers



Functional tests were replaced to sahara-tests repository. Please refer to README of sahara-tests about how to run these tests now.

New Features

  • Providing ability to make dump of event logs for clusters. Also displaying shorten version of event logs by option.

  • Pagination for list operations is implemented.

  • Plugins updates are supported now in saharaclient. Also information about plugin labels is available for users.


Upgrade Notes

  • Option ‘version’ is replaced by ‘plugin-version’ option.

Bug Fixes

  • Option ‘version’ is a global option, which is used for getting the client version. So there were problems with the OpenStack client, when we specified ‘version’ of the plugin, but OSC treated that as a request for getting the current client version. Hence, to fix this problem, ‘version’ is replaced by ‘plugin-version’. Related bug 1565775.