Newton Series Release Notes


New Features

  • A new command ‘senlin cluster-collect’ and its corresponding OSC plugin command has been added. This new command can be used to aggregate a specific property across a cluster.

  • A new CLI command ‘senlin cluster-run’ and a new OSC plugin command ‘openstack cluster run’ have been added. Use the ‘help’ command to find out how to use it.

  • The senlin CLI ‘node-delete’ and the OSC plugin command ‘cluster node delete’ now outputs the action IDs when successful. Error messages are printed when appropriate.

  • The senlinclient now supports API micro-versioning. Current supported version is ‘clustering 1.2’.

  • A policy-validate command has been added to senlin command line. OSC support is added as well.

  • A profile-validate command has been added to command line. It can be used for validating the spec of a profile without creating it.

  • The support to python 3.5 has been verified and gated.

Bug Fixes

  • The cluster policy list command was broken by new SDK changes and then fixed. The ‘enabled’ field is now renamed to ‘is_enabled’.

Other Notes

  • The ‘senlin’ CLI will be removed in April 2017. This message is now explicitly printed when senlin CLI commands are invoked.

  • The receiver creation command (both senlin CLI and OSC plugin command) now allow ‘cluster’ and ‘action’ to be left unspecified if the receiver type is not ‘webhook’.


New Features

  • Added command for node-check and node-recover.

Upgrade Notes

  • OSC commands for cluster scaling are changed from ‘cluster scale in’ and ‘cluster scale out’ to ‘cluster shrink’ and ‘cluster expand’ respectively.