Newton Series Release Notes



Searchlight UI now provides several actions and summary views for various types of resources. This enables users to often complete their task within the context of their current search without navigating to other parts of the UI.

Registered details views now linked to in search results.

Search panel now uses the registry to produce drawer views, and uses a new directive to do so.

New Features

  • Nova instance actions, summary, and detail views

  • Nova flavor, hypervisor, and server group summary views

  • Cinder volumes and snapshots summary view

  • Glance images summary view

  • Neutron network, ports, routers, security groups, subnets summary views

  • Dynamic polling / progress based on resource status and last action

  • Live search toggle (continuous query mode)

  • Sort by relevancy, last updated, alphabetical

  • Persistent search settings

  • Translation build support

  • Registered details views now take precedence over links hard-coded within the resource-locator service

  • Links use relative paths to ensure proper use of the established base tag, which includes webroot.

  • sl-drawer widget produces markup to use/display a standard Horizon drawer

  • The search panel shows a resource type’s registered drawer, or a searchlight-specific default drawer if none.