Rocky Series Release Notes



Angular-based panels are as default.

New Features

  • [blueprint add-cluster-resize-action] Resize action for cluster is added. This action is added as row action for each cluster in Clusters table view. Although, this action is only for Angularized clusters panel.

  • Added region support.

  • The load-edit directive is used. The Spec field on Profile creation dialog and Policy creation dialog use load-edit directive newly added into Horizon.

  • Switched to OSC module. Previously the client module for senlin API have been used from senlin command module. Now the senlin command module has retired and the client module for OpenStack Client is used to call senlin API.

  • Added the region support for Keystone V3.

Upgrade Notes

  • Angular-based panels are as default. So in openstack_dashboard/local/local_settings.d/ is not needed for enabling Angular-based panels. Conversely to use Django-based panels, operators need to use and set False for each panels, e.g 'profiles_panel': False,.

Deprecation Notes

  • Angular-based panels are made as default. New features will not be added into Django-based panels anymore. And Django-based panels will be removed after S cycle or later.

Bug Fixes

  • [bug/1733833] Fixed showing node list in Nodes tab of a cluster failed for Dango-based panel.

  • [bug/1742599] Fixed issue the deleted item is selected again with batch delete. Items recently deleted with batch action had been shown in deletion confirmation dialog when execute the batch delete action again. And this had caused the conflict error due to trying to delete unexisting item.

  • [bug/1742091] Fixed being able not to recover a cluster in warning status.

  • [bug/1777545] Fixed issue the deleted item is selected again with batch delete. Item selections on table view for batch actions are not cleared after execution of actions. To ensure to clear item selections, hzTable:clearSelection event is emitted.

  • [bug/1746706] Reproduced navigations when refreshing details view. Previously the fix for [bug/1681627] allowed us to reload or directly open Angular-based detail page (ngdetail), but the navigation menu was not reproduced correctly.

  • Fixed type for profile. Senlin API uses type_name for type, but dashboard did not process type_name. So this issue caused error to handle Profile object.

  • [bug/1754416] region_name was not passed on when using the senlin-dashboard. This makes the client always fallback on the first region. This issue was fixed.

  • [bug/1754183] Horizon by default sets the Project dashboard as default for non-admin users. The file that comes with the Senlin dashboard also has ‘DEFAULT = True’ set. Because ‘cluster’ comes before ‘project’ alphabetically, this defaults all non-admin users to getting the cluster dashboard on login. This issue was fixed.