2023.1 Series Release Notes



  • Sharding fixes

    • Shards no longer report stats to the root database when they are in the CREATED state.

    • Sharding metadata is no longer cleared when databases are deleted. This could previously cause deleted shards that still had rows to become stuck and never move them to the correct database.

    • Fixed a performance regression in the handling of misplaced objects.

    • Swift path and on-disk path are now included with all sharder logging.

  • s3token no longer mangles request paths that include the Access Key ID.

  • User metadata is now exposed via CORS when encryption is enabled, matching the behavior when encryption is not enabled.

  • Fewer backend requests are now required when account or container information is missing from memcache.

  • Fixed logging of IP and port in the proxy-server; in particular, internal clients now correctly log about the replication IP/port.

  • Fixed a bug in the object replicator that would cause an under-reporting of failures.

  • Various other minor bug fixes.



  • Added support for Python 3.10.

  • Added an optional backend_ratelimit middleware for backend servers. See the backend server sample configuration files for more information.

  • Sharding improvements

    • Added a merge subcommand to swift-manage-shard-ranges to merge arbitrary shard ranges into a container DB. Minimal safety checks are performed; it should only be used for emergency shard range manipulation by expert users.

    • Warnings are now emitted when sharding appears to have become stuck. Use the new container_sharding_timeout option to configure the "stuck" threshold; the default is 48 hours.

  • Metrics improvements

    • Added timing stats for memcached operations.

    • Renamed and improved the granularity of shard range cache and backend stats. Metrics dashboards may need to be updated.

    • Emit stats when backend nodes are error-limited.

  • Added the ability to configure a chance to skip checking memcache when querying account and container information. This allows some fraction of traffic to go to disk and refresh memcache before the key ages out. Recommended values for the new account_existence_skip_cache_pct and container_existence_skip_cache_pct options are in the range of 0.0 to 0.01.

  • Absolute-form request targets are now accepted. This enables access for certain clients and SDKs (including some older versions of rclone that were using an old version of aws-sdk-go).


  • Static large object segments may now be deleted asynchronously by default. Operators may return to the old behavior by disabling the allow_async_delete option in the [filter:slo] section in their proxy-server.conf.

Security Issues

  • Fixed a security issue in how s3api handles XML parsing that allowed authenticated S3 clients to read arbitrary files from proxy servers. Refer to CVE-2022-47950 for more information.


  • S3 API improvements

    • Fixed a server error when handling malformed CompleteMultipartUpload requests.

    • Improved error reporting when attempting to set invalid X-Delete-At or X-Delete-After values via the S3 API.

  • Sharding improvements

    • Sync more shard ranges from the root database to the shards. This helps ensure shard range repairs effected at the root make their way to shards that would otherwise be stuck trying to further divide into sub-shards.

    • Improved performance of delimiter listings for sharded containers.

    • Added more safety checks to the repair subcommand of swift-manage-shard-ranges.

    • Better handle EOFError and KeyboardInterrupt when prompting for input in swift-manage-shard-ranges.

    • Stop warning about transient overlaps when auditing shard ranges.

  • Fixed a path-rewriting bug introduced in Python 3.7.14, 3.8.14, 3.9.14, and 3.10.6 that could cause some domain_remap requests to be routed to the wrong object.

  • Fixed a server error when attempting to access data in a deleted container that had an erasure-coded storage policy.

  • Improved error messages to clients that encounter errors using the formpost middleware.

  • Removed some inappropriate error-suppression when locking account and container databases.

  • Improved server start-up time when using multiple workers.

  • Removed some unnecessary locking when logging.

  • Added some basic object-metadata validation; invalid diskfiles will be quarantined via the auditor or reconstructor.

  • Enhanced logging when error-limiting a backend node.

  • 様々な他のマイナーなバグ修正と改善。