2024.1 Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Redis job board driver no longer uses username and password for its connections to Redis Sentinel, to restore the previous behavior which was already used by some deployment tools. Add credential to sentinel_kwargs to enable authentication for Redis Sentinel.


New Features

  • The redis jobboard driver now supports the username option, which is required in authentication request to Redis with ACL enabled.

  • The redis driver now supports sentinel_fallbacks option. This allows using additional sentinel servers as fallbacks.

  • Redis jobboard driver now enables SSL for connections to Redis Sentinel when SSL is enabled for connections to Redis.

  • Now the redis driver uses the credential for redis servers in connections to Redis Sentinel servers.

Upgrade Notes

  • Now the redis driver uses the same credentials as redis by default. If a different credentials need to be used, override these via sentinel_kwargs.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential endless loop of exceptions when the storage is down and Taskflow loads a logbook.

  • Fixed an issue with the handling of exceptions when running a flow, some jobs may have been incorrectly consumed (and not rescheduled) during outages.