Ocata Series Release Notes

Ocata Series Release Notes



The Tricircle is to provide networking automation across Neutron in OpenStack multi-region deployment.

New Features

  • North-south bridge network and east-west bridge network are combined into one to bring better DVR and shared VxLAN network support.

  • Network

    • List networks

    • Create network

    • Show network details

    • Delete network

  • Subnet

    • List subnets

    • Create subnet

    • Show subnet details

    • Delete subnet

  • Port

    • List ports

    • Create port

    • Show port details

    • Delete port

  • Router

    • List routers

    • Create router

    • Show router details

    • Delete router

    • Add interface to router

    • Delete interface from router

    • List floating IPs

    • Create floating IP

    • Show floating IP details

    • Update floating IP

    • Delete floating IP

  • Security Group

    • List security groups

    • Create security group

    • Show security group details

    • List security group rules

    • Create security group rule

    • Delete security group rule

  • Note for Networking

    • Only Local Network and VLAN network supported. Local Network means the network will only present in one region, it could be VxLAN or VLAN network. VLAN is the only L2 network type which supports cross Neutron L2 networking and the bridge network for L3 networking.

    • Pagination and sort are not supported at the same time for list operation.

    • For security group rule, remote group is not supported yet. Use IP prefix to create security group rule.

    • One availability zone can include more than one region through Tricircle pod management.

    • Availability zone or region name for availability zone hint can be specified during network creation, that means this network will be presented in the specified list of availability zone or region. If no availability zone hint is specified and the network is not Local Network, then the network can be spread into all regions. For Local Network without availability zone hint specified in creation, then the network will only be presented in the first region where the resource(VM, baremetal or container) is booted and plugged into this network.

    • Need to specify one region name as the availability zone hint for external network creation, that means the external network will be located in the specified region.

  • Network

    • Update networks

      • qos-policy not supported

  • Subnet

    • Update subnets

  • Port

    • Update port

      • name, description, admin_state_up, extra_dhcp_opts, device_owner, device_id, mac_address, security group attribute updates supported

  • Resource routing APIs add operations on resource routing table. This makes it possible to create, show, delete and update the resource routing entry in the resource routing by cloud administrator for the maintenance and emergency fix need. But the update and delete operations on the entry generated by the Tricircle itself is not proposed, because central Neutron may make wrong judgement on whether the resource exists or not without this routing entry. Moreover, related request can not be forwarded to the proper local Neutron either. So even though the update and delete operations are provided, they are better not to be used in case of causing unexpected problems.

    • List resource routings

    • Create resource routing

    • Show resource routing details

    • Delete resource routing

    • Update resource routing

Known Issues

  • Update network or subnet may not lead to the expected result if an instance is being booted at the same time. You can redo the update operation later to make it execute correctly.

  • Update port may not lead to the expected result if an instance is being booted at the same time. You can redo the update operation later to make it execute correctly.

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