Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Add support for Cinder IBM Spectrum virtualize family (Svf) driver.

  • Relocate the existing cinder RBD parameters in their own template. There are no new parameters, and the existing parameters retain the same default values.

  • Two instances of the glance-api service are now deployed per the recommendations outlined in OSSN-0090. The user facing service does not provide access to image location data, whereas a new internal glance-api service provides location data to administrators and services that need it (e.g. cinder and nova), and is accessible via the admin and internal keystone endpoints.

Upgrade Notes

  • Cinder IBM Spectrum virtualize family (Svf) driver deployed using ExtraConfig can switch to new template by using environments/cinder-ibm-svf-config.yaml.

  • Although the cinder RBD parameters have been moved to their own file, there is no impact on upgrades because the parameters themselves are unchanged.

  • A new OS::TripleO::Services::GlanceApiInternal service is introduced to handle deploying the internal instance of the glance-api service. When upgrading an overcloud deployed with a custom roles file, the new GlanceApiInternal service must be added to every role that includes the GlanceApi service. Roles that include the GlanceApiEdge service should not include the new GlanceApiInternal service.

    Deployment of the new internal glance-api service is generally transparent, and includes updating glance’s endpoints in the keystone catalog. In a Distributed Compute Node (DCN) deployment, the control plane and all DCN sites need to be updated in order to fully deploy the new internal glance-api service.

  • For Nova computes that need to keep running EL8, you can replace OS::TripleO::Services::NovaLibvirt service with OS::TripleO::Services::NovaLibvirtLegacy in its role files to run the monolithic libvirt. Unlike the modular deamons consumable with EL9 computes, that legacy service should only be used for Train to Wallaby skip-level (fast-forward) upgrades, and should not be used in new deployments.

  • Support for the networking-ansible plugin has been removed.

  • Support for VPP service and Neutron ML2/VPP plugin have been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The GlanceShowMultipleLocations parameter is deprecated.

  • CephHciOsdType and CephHciOsdCount parameters, used by the deprecated derive parameters feature, have been removed.