Ocata Series Release Notes



6.0.0 is the final Ocata release for tripleo-image-elements. This is also the first release with release notes.

New Features

  • Add zaqar.use_websockets option to os-collect-config.

  • Add scripts to zero iptables & ip6tables files at build time. When including these new elements, we empty the stock /etc/sysconfig/iptables and /etc/sysconfig/ip6tables filse as shipped by the iptables rpm package. The reason for this is that puppet firewall has a hard time to cope with exiting rules when these files are populated and the iptables service is not active.

  • Add element to customize dracut on the agent. Updates the ironic agent, installing multipath package and regenerating dracut to add all the specified drivers.

  • Add element to rebuild dracut enabling modules To support TripleO whole disk images (with enabled security), we need lvm and crypt modules. So creating that element in TripleO, that will install the needed packages, and will rebuild the image to add the modules we need.

Bug Fixes

  • Purge Chrony package in NTP element. If NTP is installed and used, make sure Chrony is not installed because they would conflict each others.

  • Fixes bug 1659493 so we don’t fail on building the IPA ramdisk, by setting IRONIC_AGENT_MULTIPATH_DRIVERS to empty when undefined.

Other Notes

  • Copy map-services script to tripleo elements. map-services will be removed on dib v2 branch, but TripleO still relies heavily on it. To prevent breakage, copy the script to the internal element using it. In the future, all elements will need to be migrated to new svc-map, but it is a massive change.