Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Added conditional removing of all files in image cache directory ‘image_cache_dir_cleanup’ or removing files older more than N days (by default 14) ‘image_cache_expire_days’.

Other Notes

  • Enable the VNC console by default for the undercloud and overcloud VMs. In previous versions the VNC console was disabled by default.


2.0.0 is the final release for Ocata. It’s the first release where release notes are added.

New Features

  • Added ability to use an overcloud-full.qcow2 as an undercloud image, doing the conversion at runtime.
  • Added ability to deploy an overcloud with ssl
  • Added support for using a partition image undercloud.qcow2.
  • Added support for Ironic’s VirtualBMC driver instead of the deprecated pxe_ssh driver.
  • Added support for using novajoin on the undercloud.

Upgrade Notes

Deprecation Notes

  • roles/tripleo/undercloud redirects to the undercloud-deploy role in tripleo-quickstart-extras, but that redirect will be removed in the Queens release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1626707 SSH can fail wehn the user has many SSH keys
  • Fixes bug 1649272 Undercloud ssh check timeout might be too short
  • Fixes bug 1657232 tq libvirt role fails to mark ooo_pool autostart

Other Notes

  • Cleaned up instackenv.json template.
  • Started using tripleo-quickstart-extras repo for roles outside of the scope of setting up a libvirt developer environment.
  • Updated to Ansible 2.2.0
  • Converted fetch-images and convert-image to roles to allow for easier reuse.
  • Undercloud deploy role moved to tripleo-quickstart-extras
  • Added repo configuration to the release configs for usage by the repo-setup role in tripleo-quickstart-extras