Current Series Release Notes


New Features

  • This introduce needed changes to be able to deploy an additional cell via oooq. If additional_cell is set to true after the overcloud got deployed the additional cell gets deployed. Todo this information gets extracted from the overcloud stack, which is requried as input to the second heat stack, where the additional cell is managed with. As a reference [1] is the scenario which is installed adding a single additional cell.

    config/general_config/featureset063.yml is used for the configuration and config/nodes/1ctlr_1cellctrl_1comp.yml has a nova config example.



New Features

  • Add ability to deploy supplmental node alongside the undercloud. Add ability to deploy FreeIPA on supplemental node and enable TLS Everywhere.

  • Support for virtualport types, such as openvswitch, added.

  • Added ability to set the DNS server for eth0 as defined in the script. Default <> can be overridden by setting the supplemental_tls_everywhere_dns_server var.

  • Add a featureset038 to support testing Octavia.

  • Added functionality to run OVB deployments from - including options to remove old stacks and keypairs from the host cloud environment, include DLRN changes, and deploy in custom host cloud environments. Added two new switches to, –ovb (runs devmode through the OVB workflow) –delete-all-stacks (removes stacks and key pairs in the host cloud environment)

  • Configuration files in general_config were separated into feature sets (to be specified with –config argument )and nodes configuration (to be specified with –nodes configuration) Featureset files should contain only the list of flags that enable features we want to test in the deployment, the overcloud nodes configuration, and all that involves their set up, should be put into nodes configuration files. The nodes file should follow the scheme N<type>[_N<type>[_N<type>]…].yml Where N is the number of nodes of a certain <type>, <type> could be one of ctlr for controllers, comp for compute nodes, ceph for ceph nodes, and so on. It’s advised to add a node_count variable to the nodes configuration file

  • update the config/general_config/minimal.yml and config/general_config/pacemaker.yml configuration files to more closely match what is executed upstream.

  • TripleO-QuickStart has now the ability to run TripleO-Validations through the Mistral Framework (pre-introspection, pre-deployment and post-deployment). TripleO-Quickstart will also be able to run a bunch of negative tests using Ansible directly.

  • Added the ability to better control what happens when converting an overcloud-full.qcow2 image into an undercloud image. It is now possible to change whether an update is run (convert_image_update|bool), what packages should be removed (convert_image_remove_pkgs|list), what packages should be installed (convert_image_install_pkgs|list, and what tempest plugins should be installed (convert_image_tempest_plugins|list).

  • Added conditional removing of all files in image cache directory ‘image_cache_dir_cleanup’ or removing files older more than N days (by default 14) ‘image_cache_expire_days’.

  • Starting with the Pike release, the ipmi hardware type is used for virtual nodes instead of the old pxe_ipmitool driver.

  • An experimental provider of an openstack static inventory and SSH config. Is a feature for advanced dev/QE setups, like pre-provisioned VMs on OpenStack clouds (deployed-servers) or a split-stack. It has yet been tested by TripleO CI jobs. Eventually, we’ll add a CI job and switch some of the OVB jobs in order to start testing this mode as well.

    In order to enable the feature for the ‘tripleo-inventory’ role, define inventory: openstack.

  • Create featureset026 that will deploy COE on the overcloud instead of OpenStack services (scenario006).

  • Create a scenario for running tests on top of OpenShift

  • Tags were added in all the playbooks so that it is possible to control atomically the flow of the entire process. The DEFAULT_OPT_TAGS variable used in has been changed to reflect all the available tags, which are untagged, provision, environment, libvirt, undercloud-inventory, overcloud-scripts, undercloud-install and undercloud-post-install.

Upgrade Notes

  • Ansible >= 2.2 required for openvswitch virtualport customisation.

Deprecation Notes

  • All old configuration files are deprecated. Any new configuration should put the topology part into nodes/ dir and the part that configures the features to be tested into featureset files. For example, the old minimal.yml file was split into no_netiso.yml and 1ctlr_1comp.yml

  • The configurations that be default did not use containers for releases that supported containers ( pike++ ) are now deprecrated. Specifically the configuration file in tripleo-quickstart-extras config/general_config/containers_minimal.yml and config/general_config/containers_undercloud_minimal.yml are deprecrated.

  • The old tag named undercloud-scripts has been replaced with the more self-explaining undercloud-inventory.

Bug Fixes

  • The bug 1712081 SSH connection to supplemental ipa VM takes minutes; was fixed.

  • Updated repo injection code to use the repo-setup role. This allows for configuring what repos get injected to the provided images rather than relying on hardcoded repo setup.

Other Notes

  • Enable the VNC console by default for the undercloud and overcloud VMs. In previous versions the VNC console was disabled by default.



2.0.0 is the final release for Ocata. It’s the first release where release notes are added.

New Features

  • Added ability to use an overcloud-full.qcow2 as an undercloud image, doing the conversion at runtime.

  • Added ability to deploy an overcloud with ssl

  • Added support for using a partition image undercloud.qcow2.

  • Added support for Ironic’s VirtualBMC driver instead of the deprecated pxe_ssh driver.

  • Added support for using novajoin on the undercloud.

Upgrade Notes

Deprecation Notes

  • roles/tripleo/undercloud redirects to the undercloud-deploy role in tripleo-quickstart-extras, but that redirect will be removed in the Queens release.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug 1626707 SSH can fail wehn the user has many SSH keys

  • Fixes bug 1649272 Undercloud ssh check timeout might be too short

  • Fixes bug 1657232 tq libvirt role fails to mark ooo_pool autostart

Other Notes

  • Cleaned up instackenv.json template.

  • Started using tripleo-quickstart-extras repo for roles outside of the scope of setting up a libvirt developer environment.

  • Updated to Ansible 2.2.0

  • Converted fetch-images and convert-image to roles to allow for easier reuse.

  • Undercloud deploy role moved to tripleo-quickstart-extras

  • Added repo configuration to the release configs for usage by the repo-setup role in tripleo-quickstart-extras