Stein Series Release Notes



Added new tool watcher-status upgrade check.

New Features

  • Baremetal Model gets Audit scope with an ability to exclude Ironic nodes.

  • Add start_time and end_time fields in audits table. User can set the start time and/or end time when creating CONTINUOUS audit.

  • New framework for watcher-status upgrade check command is added. This framework allows adding various checks which can be run before a Watcher upgrade to ensure if the upgrade can be performed safely.

  • Watcher starts to support API microversions since the Stein cycle. From now onwards all API changes should be made with saving backward compatibility. To specify API version operator should use OpenStack-API-Version HTTP header. If operator wants to know the minimum and maximum supported versions by API, he/she can access /v1 resource and Watcher API will return appropriate headers in response.

  • Watcher consumes Nova notifications to update its internal Compute CDM(Cluster Data Model). All the notifications as below


    • service.update

    • instance.update

    • instance.delete.end


    • instance.lock

    • instance.unlock

    • instance.pause.end

    • instance.power_off.end

    • instance.power_on.end

    • instance.resize_confirm.end

    • instance.restore.end

    • instance.resume.end

    • instance.shelve.end

    • instance.shutdown.end

    • instance.suspend.end

    • instance.unpause.end

    • instance.unrescue.end

    • instance.unshelve.end

    • instance.rebuild.end

    • instance.rescue.end

    • instance.create.end

    • instance.live_migration_force_complete.end

    • instance.live_migration_post_dest.end

    • instance.soft_delete.end

    • service.create

    • service.delete

  • Added a new config option ‘action_execution_rule’ which is a dict type. Its key field is strategy name and the value is ‘ALWAYS’ or ‘ANY’. ‘ALWAYS’ means the callback function returns True as usual. ‘ANY’ means the return depends on the result of previous action execution. The callback returns True if previous action gets failed, and the engine continues to run the next action. If previous action executes success, the callback returns False then the next action will be ignored. For strategies that aren’t in ‘action_execution_rule’, the callback always returns True. Please add the next section in the watcher.conf file if your strategy needs this feature. [watcher_workflow_engines.taskflow] action_execution_rule = {‘your strategy name’: ‘ANY’}

  • For a large cloud infrastructure, retrieving data from Nova may take a long time. To avoid getting too much data from Nova, building the compute data model according to the scope of audit.

Upgrade Notes

  • Operator can now use new CLI tool watcher-status upgrade check to check if Watcher deployment can be safely upgraded from N-1 to N release.

Deprecation Notes

  • Ceilometer Datasource has been deprecated since its API has been deprecated in Ocata cycle. Watcher has supported Ceilometer for some releases after Ocata to let users migrate to Gnocchi/Monasca datasources. Since Train release, Ceilometer support will be removed.

  • Watcher removes the support to Nova legacy notifications because of Nova will deprecate them.