Ocata Series Release Notes


New Features

  • The OSprofiler is integrated to Zaqar in Ocata. It is a library from Oslo. It aims to analyse the performance bottleneck issue by making possible to generate one trace per request affecting all involved services and build a tree of calls.

  • A new queue action is added so that users can purge a queue quickly. That means all the messages and subscriptions will be deleted automatically but the metadata of the queue will be kept.

  • Add migration support for Zaqar’s sqlalchemy storage driver.

  • This feature is the third part of subscription confirmation feature. Support to send email to subscriber if confirmation is needed. To use this feature, user need to set the config option “external_confirmation_url”, “subscription_confirmation_email_template” and “unsubscribe_confirmation_email_template”. The confirmation page URL that will be used in email subscription confirmation before notification, this page is not hosted in Zaqar server, user should build their own web service to provide this web page. The subscription_confirmation_email_template let user to customize the subscription confirmation email content, including topic, body and sender. The unsubscribe_confirmation_email_template let user to customise the unsubscribe confirmation email content, including topic, body and sender too.