Python Packaging Integration

Python Packaging Integration

reno supports integration with setuptools and setuptools derivatives like pbr through a custom command - build_reno.

Using setuptools integration

To enable the build_reno command, you simply need to install reno. Once done, simply run:

python build_reno

You can configure the command in or setup.cfg. To configure it from, add a build_reno section to command_options like so:

from setuptools import setup

        'build_reno': {
            'output_file': ('', 'RELEASENOTES.txt'),

To configure the command from setup.cfg, add a build_reno section. For example:

output-file = RELEASENOTES.txt

Options for setuptools integration

These options related to the setuptools integration only. For general configuration of reno, refer to Configuring Reno.

The root directory of the Git repository; defaults to .
The parent directory; defaults to releasenotes
The filename of the release notes file; defaults to RELEASENOTES.rst
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