So You Want to Contribute…

For general information on contributing to OpenStack, please check out the contributor guide to get started. It covers all the basics that are common to all OpenStack projects: the accounts you need, the basics of interacting with our Gerrit review system, how we communicate as a community, etc.

Below will cover the more project specific information you need to get started with Sahara.


  • If you have something to discuss use OpenStack development mail-list. Prefix the mail subject with [sahara]

  • Join #openstack-sahara IRC channel on OFTC

  • Attend Sahara team meetings

    • Weekly on Thursdays at 1400 UTC

    • IRC channel: #openstack-meeting-3

Contacting the Core Team

  • The core team has coverage in the timezones of Europe and the Americas.

  • Just pop over to IRC; we keep a close eye on it!

  • You can also find the email addresses of the core team here,members>.

New Feature Planning

Sahara uses specs to track feature requests. They provide a high-level summary of proposed changes and track associated commits. Sahara also uses specs for in-depth descriptions and discussions of blueprints. Specs follow a defined format and are submitted as change requests to the openstack/sahara-specs repository.

Task Tracking

We track our tasks in Storyboard.

The Sahara project group homepage on Storyboard is!/project_group/sahara.

If you’re looking for some smaller, easier work item to pick up and get started on, search for the ‘low-hanging-fruit’ or ‘new-contributor’ tag.

Reporting a Bug

You found an issue and want to make sure we are aware of it? You can do so on!/project_group/sahara.

Getting Your Patch Merged

Typically two +2s are required before merging.

Project Team Lead Duties

If you are the PTL of Sahara then you should follow the PTL guide. You should also keep track of new versions of the various Hadoop distros/components coming out (this can also be delegated to another contributor, but the PTL needs to track it either way).