Project hosting

Storyboard hosts the Sahara project. The Sahara project group homepage on Storyboard is!/project_group/74.

Launchpad credentials

Creating a login on Launchpad is important even if you don’t use the Launchpad site itself, since Launchpad credentials are used for logging in on several OpenStack-related sites. These sites include:

Mailing list

The mailing list email is; use the subject prefix [sahara] to address the team. To participate in the mailing list subscribe to the list at

Bug tracking

Report Sahara bugs/stories at the various project under the Sahara project group!/project_group/74

Feature requests (Specs)

Sahara uses specs to track feature requests. They provide a high-level summary of proposed changes and track associated commits. Sahara also uses specs for in-depth descriptions and discussions of blueprints. Specs follow a defined format and are submitted as change requests to the openstack/sahara-specs repository.

Technical support

Sahara uses Ask OpenStack to track Sahara technical support questions. Questions related to Sahara should be tagged with ‘sahara’.