About Global Requirements

When reviewing patches proposed by OpenStack Proposal Bot, we often quick approve them if the patch successfully passed the gate jobs. However, we should realize that these tests may contain some improvements or radical changes to the packages senlin imports.

A more appropriate workflow should be checking the version changes proposed in such patches and examine the git log from each particular package. If there are significant changes that may simplify senlin code base, we should propose at least a TODO item to write down the needed changes to senlin so we adapt senlin code to the new package.

About Trivial Changes

There are always disagreements across the community about trivial changes such as grammar fixes, mis-spelling changes in comments etc. These changes are in general okay to get merged, BUT our core reviewers should be aware that these behavior are not encouraged. When we notice such behavior from some developers, it is our responsibility to guide these developers to submit more useful patches. We are not supposed to reject such changes as a punishment or something like that. We are about building a great software with a great team.