senlin-engine [options]


senlin-engine is the server that perform operations on objects such as clusters, nodes, policies and profiles. It provides an internal RPC interface for the senlin-api to invoke.


The senlin-engine provides services to the callers so that requests on various objects can be met by background operations. Senlin models most operations as asynchronous actions, so most operations are not to be assumed as completed when the calls return.



Path to a config file to use. Multiple config files can be specified, with values in later files taking precedence.


Path to a config directory to pull .conf files from. This file set is sorted, so as to provide a predictable parse order if individual options are over-ridden. The set is parsed after the file(s), if any, specified via –config-file, hence over-ridden options in the directory take precedence.


  • /etc/senlin/senlin.conf


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