senlin-manage <action> [options]


senlin-manage provides utilities for operators to manage Senlin specific maintenance operations.


To issue a senlin-manage command:

senlin-manage <action> [options]

Run with -h or –help to see a list of available commands:

senlin-manage -h

Commands are db_version, db_sync, service, event_purge . Below are some detailed descriptions.

Senlin DB version

senlin-manage db_version

Print out the db schema revision.

senlin-manage db_sync

Sync the database up to the most recent version.

Senlin Service Manage

senlin-manage service list

Print out the senlin-engine service status.

senlin-manage service clean

Cleanup senlin-engine dead service.

Senlin Event Manage

senlin-manage event_purge -p [<project1;project2...>] -g {days,hours,minutes,seconds} age

Purge the specified event records in senlin’s database.

You can use command purge three days ago data.

senlin-manage event_purge -p e127900ee5d94ff5aff30173aa607765 -g days 3

Senlin Action Manage

senlin-manage action_purge -p [<project1;project2...>] -g {days,hours,minutes,seconds} age

Purge the specified action records in senlin’s database.

You can use this command to purge actions that are older than 3 days.

senlin-manage action_purge -p e127900ee5d94ff5aff30173aa607765 -g days 3


The /etc/senlin/senlin.conf file contains global options which can be used to configure some aspects of senlin-manage, for example the DB connection and logging options.