Skyline APIServer (API of OpenStack Modern Dashboard)



OpenStack Skyline APIServer is the back-end server of Skyline. It provides RESTful APIs to Skyline Console.

Skyline is an OpenStack dashboard optimized by UI and UE, support OpenStack Train+. It has a modern technology stack and ecology, is easier for developers to maintain and operate by users, and has higher concurrency performance.

Skyline’s mascot is the nine-color deer. The nine-color deer comes from Dunhuang mural “the nine-color king deer”, whose moral is Buddhist cause-effect and gratefulness, which is consistent with 99cloud’s philosophy of embracing and feedback community since its inception. We also hope Skyline can keep light, elegant and powerful as the nine-color deer, to provide a better dashboard for the openstack community and users.

Using Skyline APIServer

How to use Skyline APIServer in your own projects.

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