Static Redfish BMC

The static Redfish responder is a simple REST API server which serves static contents down to the Redfish client. The tool emulates the simple read-only BMC.

The user is expected to supply the Redfish-compliant contents perhaps downloaded from the DMTF web site. For example, this .zip archive includes Redfish content mocks for Redfish 1.0.0.

curl -o \
unzip -d mockups
sushy-static -m mockups/public-rackmount

Once you have the static emulator running, you can use it as it was a read-only bare-metal controller listening at localhost:8000 (by default):

curl http://localhost:8000/redfish/v1/Systems/
    "@odata.type": "#ComputerSystemCollection.ComputerSystemCollection",
    "Name": "Computer System Collection",
    "Members@odata.count": 1,
    "Members": [
            "": "/redfish/v1/Systems/437XR1138R2"
    "@odata.context": "/redfish/v1/$metadata#Systems",
    "": "/redfish/v1/Systems",
    "@Redfish.Copyright": "Copyright 2014-2016 Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF). For the full DMTF copyright policy, see"

You can mock different Redfish versions as well as different bare-metal machines by providing appropriate Redfish contents.