sushy.resources.eventservice package


sushy.resources.eventservice.constants module

class sushy.resources.eventservice.constants.EventType(value)

Bases: Enum

An enumeration.

ALERT = 'Alert'

A condition requires attention.

METRIC_REPORT = 'MetricReport'

The telemetry service is sending a metric report.

OTHER = 'Other'

Because EventType is deprecated as of Redfish Specification v1.6, the event is based on a registry or resource but not an EventType.

RESOURCE_ADDED = 'ResourceAdded'

A resource has been added.

RESOURCE_REMOVED = 'ResourceRemoved'

A resource has been removed.

RESOURCE_UPDATED = 'ResourceUpdated'

A resource has been updated.

STATUS_CHANGE = 'StatusChange'

The status of a resource has changed.

sushy.resources.eventservice.eventdestination module

class sushy.resources.eventservice.eventdestination.EventDestination(connector, identity, redfish_version=None, registries=None, root=None)

Bases: ResourceBase

context = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

A client-supplied string that is stored with the event destination subscription


Delete an EventDestination





description = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The description of the EventDestination resource

destination = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The URI of the destination Event Service

event_types = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The types of events that shall be sent to the destination

http_headers = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

This is for setting HTTP headers, such as authorization information. This object will be null on a GET.

identity = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The EventDestination resource identity

name = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The EventDestination resource name

protocol = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

Contain the protocol type that the event will use for sending the event to the destination. A value of Redfish shall be used to indicate that the event type shall adhere to that defined in the Redfish specification

class sushy.resources.eventservice.eventdestination.EventDestinationCollection(connector, identity, redfish_version=None, registries=None, root=None)

Bases: ResourceCollectionBase


Create a Subscription


payload – The payload representing the subscription.






The new subscription

description = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The EventDestination collection description

name = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The EventDestination collection name

sushy.resources.eventservice.eventservice module

class sushy.resources.eventservice.eventservice.ActionsField(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: CompositeField

submit_test_event = <sushy.resources.common.ActionField object>
class sushy.resources.eventservice.eventservice.EventService(connector, identity, redfish_version=None, registries=None, root=None)

Bases: ResourceBase

delivery_retry_attempts = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

Number of attempts an event posting is retried before the subscription is terminated. This retry is at the service level, meaning the HTTP POST to the Event Destination was returned by the HTTP operation as unsuccessful (4xx or 5xx return code) or an HTTP timeout occurred this many times before the Event Destination subscription is terminated

delivery_retry_interval = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

Number of seconds between retry attempts for sending any given Event

event_types_for_subscription = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

Types of Events that can be subscribed to


Get the Types of Events that can be subscribed to


A set with the types of Events that can be subscribed to.

identity = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The EventService resource identity

name = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The EventService resource name

service_enabled = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

Indicates whether the EventService is enabled

status = <sushy.resources.common.StatusField object>

The status of the EventService

submit_test_event(event_id, event_timestamp, event_type, message, message_args, message_id, origin, severity)

Submit Test Event is used to to send a test event to the BMC

  • event_id – ID of event to be added.

  • event_timestamp – time stamp of event to be added.

  • event_type – type of event to be added.

  • message – human readable message of event to be added.

  • message_args – array of message arguments of the event to be added.

  • message_id – message ID of event to be added.

  • origin – string of the URL within the OriginOfCondition property of the event to be added

  • severity – the Severity of event to be added.

  • target – The link to invoke action.


MissingActionError if the EvenService does not have the action.

property subscriptions

Reference to a collection of Event Destination resources

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