sushy.resources.taskservice package


sushy.resources.taskservice.constants module

class sushy.resources.taskservice.constants.OverWritePolicy(value)

Bases: Enum

Overwrite Policy constants

MANUAL = 'Manual'

Completed tasks are not automatically overwritten.

OLDEST = 'Oldest'

Oldest completed tasks are overwritten.

class sushy.resources.taskservice.constants.TaskState(value)

Bases: Enum

Task state related constants.

CANCELLED = 'Cancelled'
CANCELLING = 'Cancelling'
COMPLETED = 'Completed'
EXCEPTION = 'Exception'
INTERRUPTED = 'Interrupted'
KILLED = 'Killed'
NEW = 'New'
PENDING = 'Pending'
RUNNING = 'Running'
SERVICE = 'Service'
STARTING = 'Starting'
STOPPING = 'Stopping'
SUSPENDED = 'Suspended'

sushy.resources.taskservice.task module

class sushy.resources.taskservice.task.Task(connector, identity, redfish_version=None, registries=None, json_doc=None, root=None)

Bases: ResourceBase

description = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The Task description

end_time = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

End time of the Task

identity = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The Task identity

property is_processing

Indicates if the Task is processing

messages = <sushy.resources.base.MessageListField object>

List of MessageListField with messages from the Task

name = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The Task name


Parses the messages

percent_complete = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

Percentage complete of the Task

start_time = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

Start time of the Task

task_monitor = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

An opaque URL that the client can use to monitor an asynchronous operation

task_state = <sushy.resources.base.MappedField object>

The Task state

task_status = <sushy.resources.base.MappedField object>

The Task status

class sushy.resources.taskservice.task.TaskCollection(connector, path, redfish_version=None, registries=None, root=None)

Bases: ResourceCollectionBase

property summary

Summary of task ids and corresponding state


dictionary in the format {‘jid_123456789’: sushy.TaskState.NEW, ‘jid_123454321’: sushy.TaskState.RUNNING}

sushy.resources.taskservice.taskservice module

class sushy.resources.taskservice.taskservice.TaskService(connector, identity, redfish_version=None, registries=None, root=None)

Bases: ResourceBase

event_on_task_state_change = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

Whether a task state change sends an event

identity = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The task service identity

name = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The task service name

overwrite_policy = <sushy.resources.base.MappedField object>

The overwrite policy for completed tasks

service_enabled = <sushy.resources.base.Field object>

The status of whether this service is enabled

status = <sushy.resources.common.StatusField object>

The status of the task service

property tasks

Property to reference TaskCollection instance

It is set once when the first time it is queried. On refresh, this property is marked as stale (greedy-refresh not done). Here the actual refresh of the sub-resource happens, if stale.

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