Object Auditor

On system failures, the XFS file system can sometimes truncate files it is trying to write and produce zero-byte files. The object-auditor will catch these problems but in the case of a system crash it is advisable to run an extra, less rate limited sweep, to check for these specific files. You can run this command as follows:

$ swift-object-auditor /path/to/object-server/config/file.conf once -z 1000


“-z” means to only check for zero-byte files at 1000 files per second.

It is useful to run the object auditor on a specific device or set of devices. You can run the object-auditor once as follows:

$ swift-object-auditor /path/to/object-server/config/file.conf once \


This will run the object auditor on only the sda and sdb devices. This parameter accepts a comma-separated list of values.