Associated Projects

Application Bindings


  • Keystone - Official Identity Service for OpenStack.

  • Swauth - RETIRED: An alternative Swift authentication service that only requires Swift itself.

  • Basicauth - HTTP Basic authentication support (keystone backed).

Command Line Access

  • Swiftly - Alternate command line access to Swift with direct (no proxy) access capabilities as well.

Log Processing

  • slogging - Basic stats and logging tools.

Monitoring & Statistics

  • Swift Informant - Swift proxy Middleware to send events to a statsd instance.

  • Swift Inspector - Swift middleware to relay information about a request back to the client.

Content Distribution Network Integration

  • SOS - Swift Origin Server.

Alternative API

  • ProxyFS - Integrated file and object access for Swift object storage

  • SwiftHLM - a middleware for using OpenStack Swift with tape and other high latency media storage backends.

Benchmarking/Load Generators

Custom Logger Hooks

Storage Backends (DiskFile API implementations)

  • Swift-on-File - Enables objects created using Swift API to be accessed as files on a POSIX filesystem and vice versa.

  • swift-scality-backend - Scality sproxyd object server implementation for Swift.

Developer Tools

  • SAIO bash scripts - Well commented simple bash scripts for Swift all in one setup.

  • vagrant-swift-all-in-one - Quickly setup a standard development environment using Vagrant and Chef cookbooks in an Ubuntu virtual machine.

  • SAIO Ansible playbook - Quickly setup a standard development environment using Vagrant and Ansible in a Fedora virtual machine (with built-in Swift-on-File support).

  • Multi Swift - Bash scripts to spin up multiple Swift clusters sharing the same hardware


  • Glance - Provides services for discovering, registering, and retrieving virtual machine images (for OpenStack Compute [Nova], for example).

  • Django Swiftbrowser - Simple Django web app to access OpenStack Swift.

  • Swift-account-stats - Swift-account-stats is a tool to report statistics on Swift usage at tenant and global levels.

  • PyECLib - High-level erasure code library used by Swift

  • liberasurecode - Low-level erasure code library used by PyECLib

  • Swift Browser - JavaScript interface for Swift

  • swift-ui - OpenStack Swift web browser

  • swiftbackmeup - Utility that allows one to create backups and upload them to OpenStack Swift