Below are the set of commands that can be specified while using syntribos:

  • init

    This command sets up the syntribos environment after installation. Running this command creates the necessary folders for templates, payloads, and logs; as well a sample configuration file.

    $ syntribos init

    To learn more about syntribos init, see the installation instructions here.

  • run

    This command runs syntribos with the given config options.

    $ syntribos --config-file keystone.conf -t SQL run
  • dry_run

    This command ensures that the template files given for this run parse successfully and without errors. It then runs a debug test which sends no requests of its own.

    $ syntribos --config-file keystone.conf dry_run


If any external calls referenced inside the template file do make requests, the parser will still make those requests even for a dry run.

  • list_tests

    This command will list the names of all the tests that can be executed by the run command with their description.

    $ syntribos --config-file keystone.conf list_tests
  • download

    This command will download templates and payload files. By default, it will download a set of OpenStack template files (with the --templates flag), or a set of payloads (with the --payloads flag) to your syntribos root directory. However, the behavior of this command can be configured in the [remote] section of your config file.

    $ syntribos download --templates


All these commands, except init, will only work if a configuration file is specified. If a configuration file is present in the default path ( ~/.syntribos/syntribos.conf ), then you do not need to explicitly specify a config file and can run syntribos using the command syntribos run.