Contributing GuidelinesΒΆ

Syntribos is an open source project and contributions are always welcome. If you have any questions, we can be found in the #openstack-security channel on Freenode IRC.

  1. Follow all the OpenStack Style Guidelines (e.g. PEP8, Py3 compatibility)
  2. Follow secure coding guidelines
  3. Ensure all classes/functions have appropriate docstrings in RST format
  4. Include appropriate unit tests for all new code(place them in the tests/unit folder)
  5. Test any change you make using tox:
pip install tox
tox -e pep8
tox -e py27
tox -e py35
tox -e cover

Anyone wanting to contribute to OpenStack must follow the OpenStack development workflow

Submit all changes through the code review process in Gerrit described above. All pull requests on Github will be closed/ignored.

File bugs on the syntribos launchpad site, and not on Github. All Github issues will be closed/ignored.

Submit blueprints here for all breaking changes, feature requests, and other unprioritized work.


README.rst is a file that can be generated by running python from the syntribos/scripts directory. When the README file needs to be updated; modify the corresponding rst file in syntribos/doc/source and have it generate by running the script.