Running syntribos

By default, syntribos looks in the syntribos home directory (the directory specified when running the syntribos init command on install) for config files, payloads, and templates. This can all be overridden through command line options. For a full list of command line options available, run syntribos --help from the command line.

To run syntribos against all the available tests, specify the command syntribos, with the configuration file (if needed), without specifying any test type.

$ syntribos --config-file keystone.conf run

Fuzzy-matching test names

It is possible to limit syntribos to run a specific test type using the -t flag.

$ syntribos --config-file keystone.conf -t SQL run

This will match all tests that contain SQL in their name. For example: SQL_INJECTION_HEADERS, SQL_INJECTION_BODY, etc.

Specifying a custom root directory

If you set up the syntribos environment with a custom root (i.e. with syntribos --custom_root init), you can point to it with the --custom_root configuration option. Syntribos will look for a syntribos.conf file inside this directory, and will read further configuration information from there.