Tacker Configuration Guide

The static configuration for tacker lives in three main files: api-paste.ini, tacker.conf and policy.yaml. These are described below. For a bigger picture view on configuring tacker to solve specific problems.


  • API Paste ini: A complete reference of api-paste.ini available in the api-paste.ini file.

  • Config Reference: A complete reference of all configuration options available in the tacker.conf file.

  • Sample Config File: A sample config file with inline documentation.


Tacker, like most OpenStack projects, uses a policy language to restrict permissions on REST API actions.

  • Policy Concepts: Starting in the Tacker 11.0.0 (OpenStack 2024.1 Caracal) release, Tacker API policy defines new default roles. These new changes improve the security level and manageability of Tacker API as they are richer in terms of handling ‘Read’ and ‘Write’ roles.