tacker.conductor.conductor_server module

class tacker.conductor.conductor_server.Conductor(host, conf=None)

Bases: Manager, ConductorV2Hook

change_ext_conn(context, vnf_instance, vnf_dict, change_ext_conn_req, vnf_lcm_op_occs_id)

Perform change external VNF connectivity operation.

This function will support changing external VNF connectivity as defined in ETSI NFV SOL 002 and SOL 003, but now, you can specify changing fixedAddresses or numDynamicAddresses in ipAddresses attribute in extVirtualLinks.

  1. Get grant from NFVO(if needed).

    Request grant information is made from ExtVirtualLinkData of ChangeExtConnRequest. If ExtVirtualLinkInfo is changed from instantiated VNF, we inform VnfLinkPortInfo related to that ExtVirtualLinkInfo. Also, we inform VnfLinkPortInfo related to each individual VnfExtCpInfo.

  2. Call vnflcm_driver to change networks.

    Invoke vnflcm_driver to perform change external VNF connectivity.

  3. Update VNF information

    Update InstantiatedVnfInfo as a post-processing.


context (Context): context for security/db session. vnf_instance (VnfInstance): Information object for VNF instance. vnf_dict (dict): Container for error point indication. change_ext_conn_req (ChangeExtConnRequest): Request object of change external connectivity. vnf_lcm_op_occs_id (uuid): self-explanatory :)

delete_csar(context, vnf_package)
delete_vnf_package(context, vnf_package)
get_vnf_package_vnfd(context, vnf_package)
heal(context, vnf_instance, vnf_dict, heal_vnf_request, vnf_lcm_op_occs_id)

Handle initialization if this is a standalone service.

Child classes should override this method.

instantiate(context, vnf_instance, vnf_dict, instantiate_vnf, vnf_lcm_op_occs_id)
load_csar_data(context, vnf_package)
rollback(context, vnf_info, vnf_instance, operation_params)
scale(context, vnf_info, vnf_instance, scale_vnf_request)
send_notification(context, notification)

Function to send notification to client

This function is used to send notification to client during LCM Operation.


0 if status code of the response is 204 -1 if vnf_lcm_subscriptions is not found in the DB -2 if an Internal Server Error occurs


Start service.


Stop service.

terminate(context, vnf_lcm_op_occs_id, vnf_instance, terminate_vnf_req, vnf_dict)
test_notification(context, vnf_lcm_subscription=None)

Function to send test notification to client

This function is used to send test notification to client during Register Subscription.


0 if status code of the response is 204 or if CONF.vnf_lcm.test_callback_uri is False, -1 if status code of the response is not 204

update(context, vnf_lcm_opoccs, body_data, vnfd_pkg_data, vnfd_id)
upload_vnf_package_content(context, vnf_package)
upload_vnf_package_from_uri(context, vnf_package, address_information, user_name=None, password=None)

Decorator to revert upload_vnf_package on failure.

tacker.conductor.conductor_server.init(args, **kwargs)

Decorator to revert update_lcm on failure.


Decorator to revert upload_vnf_package on failure.