tacker.db.models_v1 module

class tacker.db.models_v1.Audit

Bases: object

Helps to add time stamp for create, update and delete actions.

created_at = Column(None, DateTime(), table=None, default=CallableColumnDefault(<function Audit.<lambda>>))
deleted_at = Column(None, DateTime(), table=None)
updated_at = Column(None, DateTime(), table=None)
class tacker.db.models_v1.HasId

Bases: object

id mixin, add to subclasses that have an id.

id = Column(None, Uuid(length=36), table=None, primary_key=True, nullable=False, default=CallableColumnDefault(<function generate_uuid>))
class tacker.db.models_v1.HasTenant

Bases: object

Tenant mixin, add to subclasses that have a tenant.

tenant_id = Column(None, String(length=64), table=None, nullable=False)