tacker.extensions.common_services module

class tacker.extensions.common_services.CommonServicesPluginBase

Bases: NFVPluginBase

abstract get_event(context, event_id, fields=None)
abstract get_events(context, filters=None, fields=None, sorts=None, limit=None, marker_obj=None, page_reverse=False)

Return string description of the plugin.


Return a symbolic name for the plugin.

Each service plugin should have a symbolic name. This name will be used, for instance, by service definitions in service types


Return one of predefined service types.

See tacker/plugins/common/constants.py

class tacker.extensions.common_services.Common_services

Bases: ExtensionDescriptor

classmethod get_alias()

The alias for the extension.

e.g. ‘FOXNSOX’

classmethod get_description()

Friendly description for the extension.

e.g. ‘The Fox In Socks Extension’


Retrieve extended resources or attributes for core resources.

Extended attributes are implemented by a core plugin similarly to the attributes defined in the core, and can appear in request and response messages. Their names are scoped with the extension’s prefix. The core API version is passed to this function, which must return a map[<resource_name>][<attribute_name>][<attribute_property>] specifying the extended resource attribute properties required by that API version.

Extension can add resources and their attr definitions too. The returned map can be integrated into RESOURCE_ATTRIBUTE_MAP.

classmethod get_name()

The name of the extension.

e.g. ‘Fox In Socks’

classmethod get_namespace()

The XML namespace for the extension.

e.g. ‘http://www.fox.in.socks/api/ext/pie/v1.0

classmethod get_plugin_interface()

Returns an abstract class which defines contract for the plugin.

The abstract class should inherit from extesnions.PluginInterface, Methods in this abstract class should be decorated as abstractmethod

classmethod get_resources()

List of extensions.ResourceExtension extension objects.

Resources define new nouns, and are accessible through URLs.

classmethod get_updated()

The timestamp when the extension was last updated.

e.g. ‘2011-01-22T13:25:27-06:00’


Update attributes map for this extension.

This is default method for extending an extension’s attributes map. An extension can use this method and supplying its own resource attribute map in extension_attrs_map argument to extend all its attributes that needs to be extended.

If an extension does not implement update_attributes_map, the method does nothing and just return.

exception tacker.extensions.common_services.EventCreationFailureException(message=None, **kwargs)

Bases: TackerException

message = 'Failed to create an event: %(error_str)s'
exception tacker.extensions.common_services.EventNotFoundException(message=None, **kwargs)

Bases: TackerException

message = 'Specified Event id %(evt_id)s is invalid. Please verify and pass a valid Event id'
exception tacker.extensions.common_services.InputValuesMissing(message=None, **kwargs)

Bases: InvalidInput

message = "Parameter input values missing for the key '%(key)s'"
exception tacker.extensions.common_services.InvalidFormat(message=None, **kwargs)

Bases: InvalidInput

message = "Invalid format. '%(error)s'"
exception tacker.extensions.common_services.InvalidModelException(message=None, **kwargs)

Bases: TackerException

message = 'Specified model is invalid, only Event model supported'